Y-chromosome DNA (Y-DNA) tests trace both recent and distant generations. The number of generations traced by a Y-chromosome DNA test depends on the type of test taken, short tandem repeat (STR) or single nucleotide polymorphism (SNP).

STR tests are able to trace a male lineage within genealogical times and into historic times. Your genealogical connections will be shown on the Y-DNA – Matches page of your myFTDNA account. The Y-DNA – Ancestral Origins page of your myFTDNA account will point towards possible countries of origin.*

On the other hand, Y-DNA SNP tests are able to trace both ancient anthropological migrations and more recent prehistoric movements. A Y-DNA SNP test also identifies the haplogroup, which represents your deep ancestral origins (tens of thousands of years ago).

*If you have few matches on either page, this list will not be statistically representative. You, therefore, will need to wait until more people are added to the database. Several thousand people are added every month.