Y-DNA – Migration Maps

The Y-DNA – Migration Maps help you visualize your direct paternal ancestors’ historic and anthropological migrations. It shows general migration paths for the major haplogroups. Please note that the lines and arrows on this map are not […]

Y-DNA – Haplotree & SNPs

The Y-DNA – Haplotree displays your Y-DNA haplogroup information and branches, your home branch, and your Y-DNA SNP (pronounced as snip) results.

Y-DNA – Standard Y-STR Values

Y-DNA – Standard Y-STR Values shows the results of standard Y-DNA short tandem repeat (STR) tests: Y-DNA12, Y-DNA25, Y-DNA37, Y-DNA67, Y-DNA111, and Big Y. The following are descriptions of special characters that you might see on your results page: […]

Advanced Matches

Advanced Matches allows you to compare genetic matching from multiple types of DNA tests: Family Finder, mtDNA, and Y-DNA, as well as filtering by X-matches. You may select filtering options in the filter (FILTER ADVANCED VIEW) section […]

Y-DNA – Haplogroup Origins

Y-DNA – Haplogroup Origins allows you to view your Y-DNA matches’ haplogroup information. The following information about your Y-DNA matches’ is displayed: Haplogroup – Displays the haplogroup of each match. Country – Displays the paternal country of origin […]

Y-DNA – Ancestral Origins

Y-DNA – Ancestral Origins allows you to view your Y-DNA matches’ ancestral information. The following information is displayed: Country – This is the paternal country of origin as reported by the individual customer. Match Total – This […]

Y-DNA – Matches

Y-DNA – Matches allows you to view your match list from one of our Y-chromosome DNA (Y-DNA) STR (short tandem repeat) tests: Y-DNA12, Y-DNA25, Y-DNA37, Y-DNA67, or Y-DNA111. It contains lists of your matches (if you […]