mtDNA – Haplogroup Origins allows you to view your mtDNA matches’ haplogroup information.

  • For those who have tested HVR1 (mtDNA) or HVR1 and HVR2 (mtDNAPlus), only exact matches are shown. SmartMatching is also used to prevent a match between different haplogroups.
  • For those who have tested the mtDNA Full Sequence (mtFullSequence), four differences are allowed. These differences include cases of heteroplasmy. Two high-frequency insertion/deletion locations are completely excluded from difference counts. These are mutations at positions 309 and 315.

The following information about your mtDNA matches is displayed:

  • Haplogroup – This is your matches’ haplogroup as determined by their Backbone SNP testing or their mtDNA full sequence test results.
  • Country – This is your matches’ maternal country of origin.
  • Comment – This is additional information such as a social, religious, or ethnic group each match has provided.
  • Match Total – This is the total number of matches.