The Matches Maps display points for matches who have opted in to matching and who have entered a location fo their Direct Paternal and/or Direct Maternal Earliest Known Ancestors.

  • In order for a match to display on the Y-DNA Matches Maps, the match must have their Direct Paternal Earliest Known Ancestor’s location entered on their Account Settings – Genealogy, Earliest Known Ancestors page. The Direct Paternal Earliest Known Ancestor’s location will need to be entered for the Paternal ancestry in order for a match to appear on the Y-DNA Matches Maps.

Note: Matches who do not have a location entered for their Direct Paternal or Direct Maternal Earliest Known Ancestor will not be displayed on the Y-DNA or mtDNA Matches Maps, respectively.

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To learn about comparing mtDNA matches, see the Matching for Genealogy section in our Maternal Lineage Tests topic.