We at Gene by Gene and our family of companies employ the most stringent privacy policy; as part of this policy, we have implemented a Sample Access and transfer policy. This policy extends our Privacy Statement and maintains our commitment to the U.S.-EU Safe Harbor program – the European Commission’s Directive on Data Protection. Where this sample access and transfer policy is in any way more open than the other policies, those policies take precedence.

Official Policy

When you entrust your sample and genetic information to Gene by Gene, we take your privacy very seriously. Therefore, as a policy, we will not transfer any customer material to third parties. We do, however, believe that samples belong to customers and that our role is only to analyze, store, and safeguard samples on behalf of customers.


We receive DNA sample kits from customers. We then store their DNA samples and genetic information. Our role is to analyze, store, and safeguard samples for customers. We take our customers’ trust and privacy seriously. Thus, our policy is to never share or transfer their stored sample to third parties.

Please note that we cannot return your sample(s), but you may request for your sample to be destroyed. To do this, please contact Customer Support.

For more information and a complete list of policies, click here to see our FamilyTreeDNA Terms page.