Family Finder

myOrigins Walkthrough

Version I'm working on   myOrigins is a feature of our Family Finder test. This feature provides you with a percentile breakdown of the populations to which your autosomal DNA is connected. We refer to this as [...]

Family Finder – Family Matching Feature

The Family Finder - Family Matching feature allows you to view your confirmed maternal and paternal Family Finder matches at a glance and separately. This feature assigns maternal or paternal icons to a customer’s Family Finder - [...]

Chromosome Browser

The Chromosome Browser is a feature of our Family Finder autosomal DNA test. This tool allows you to view and compare the DNA segments that you share with your Family Finder matches. Click image [...]

Family Finder – Matches

Family Finder - Matches lists your autosomal DNA matches. The top section of the page allows you to filter your matches; the bottom section displays your Family Finder matches. If you wish to download your matches, [...]

Family Finder – Downloads

The Family Finder - Downloads page allows you to download files of your raw results and your Family Finder matches. Files in .CSV or .XML format can be opened using a spreadsheet program such as Excel. [...]

Advanced Matches

Advanced Matches allows you to compare genetic matching from multiple types of DNA tests: Family Finder, mtDNA, and Y-DNA, as well as filtering by X-matches. You may select filtering options in the filter (FILTER ADVANCED VIEW) section [...]