Project Administration

GAP Bulk Email: Guidelines and FAQs

The Bulk Email tool allows Group Project Administrators to send an email to all of their Group Project members or to one subgroup of members. To access the Bulk Email tool: Sign in to [...]

GAP – Member Subgrouping

You may utilize the Members Subgrouping tool to create, manage, and delete subgroups. You may also add and delete project members from subgroups. You can enter participants into one subgroup, and you can choose a [...]

Group Administrator Quick Start Guide

How do I set up an account for my new Group Project? FamilyTreeDNA Group Administrators use our Group Administrator Pages (GAP) as the primary tool to run their projects. To create a GAP account, you need [...]

SNP Assurance Program (Backbone SNP Test)

Here at FamilyTreeDNA (FTDNA), we want to provide our customers with the highest level of Y-DNA haplogroup confidence, so we created our SNP Assurance Program (which began with test batch 173). With the SNP Assurance [...]

Group Project Administrator Terms & Policies

Thank you for choosing to become a Group Project Administrator! Whether you are creating a Group Project (hereafter called “project” or “groups”) or joining an existing project as a new Group Project Administrator, this an [...]