Blaine Bettinger – Genetic Genealogy Interview

Blaine Bettinger was one of the earliest to have a blog, The Genetic Genealogist, dedicated to using DNA for genealogy and personal ancestry. When I began using DNA testing for my personal genealogy research in 2005, I [...]

Jim Barrett – Genetic Genealogy Interview

Jim Barrett is an active member of the genetic genealogy community who administers several surname group projects. He is well known on the ISOGG group administrators' list as well as in our FTDNA Forums. Jim Barrett [...]

Tim Janzen – Genetic Genealogy Interview

Tim Janzen is a community leader in using autosomal DNA (what we inherit equally from both parents) to trace and affirm family connections. With an extensive background in traditional genealogy and especially Mennonite genealogy, Tim [...]

Janine Cloud – Genetic Genealogy Interview

Janine Cloud joined Family Tree DNA and the genetic genealogy community as an information specialist several years ago. She came from a long career in customer support at a large newspaper. At Family Tree DNA, [...]

Jennifer Zinck – Genetic Genealogy Interview

Jennifer Zinck is a traditional genealogist, mother, wife, and most recently a member of the genetic genealogy community. Between parenting activities, she consults and works on her Ancestors Central blog. Jennifer lives in New England [...]

Matt Dexter – Genetic Genealogy Interview

Matthew Dexter is an active member of both his home community and of our genetic genealogy community. At home, he is a dedicated church member who is currently helping them install a new video and [...]