Group Projects

Who are the Group Administrators of projects?

The FamilyTreeDNA Group Administrators (a.k.a. administrators and co-administrators) are unpaid volunteers who have an interest in the history and genealogy of a particular haplogroup, lineage, geographic region, or surname. They have access to tools to [...]

What is a Haplogroup Project?

FamilyTreeDNA's Haplogroup Projects provide a place for individuals with the same haplogroup to connect with one another and study their common origins through historic, pre-historic, and anthropological migrations. You will not see these projects listed [...]

What is a Maternal (mtDNA) Lineage Project?

Maternal (mtDNA) Lineage Projects are for those who wish to prove a connection to a common maternal ancestor. Both males and females can order a mitochondrial DNA (mtDNA) test and participate. Because mtDNA traces your [...]

What is a Geographic Project?

A Geographic Project connects individuals whose direct line comes from a specific location. The focus of a Geographic Project may be for a town, county, country, or region. We have three different types of Geographic [...]

What is a Surname Project?

A Surname Project studies the different Y-Chromosome DNA (Y-DNA) lineages associated with a surname or group of surnames. It may be narrowly focused on one particularly spelling variant in a specific location. It may also [...]