myFamilyTree | GEDCOM

You can add your DNA matches to your personal family tree with the myFamilyTree tool from FamilyTreeDNA.  Whether or not you are just starting to build your tree [...]

Understanding Y-DNA Matches

Just as there are surnames that are very common (such as Smith and Jones) and surnames that are uncommon, there are Haplotypes (a set of [...]

Law Enforcement Matching – Frequently Asked Questions

On a case-by-case basis, FamilyTreeDNA grants law enforcement and, in some cases, third parties working with law enforcement permission to upload a genetic file [...]

Information Shared with Matches

When you have selected to Opt in to Matching on your Account Settings – Privacy & Sharing page, the information that your matches can [...]

FamilyTreeDNA Order Modifications & Refund Policy

FamilyTreeDNA is an online service. Therefore, all results provided by FamilyTreeDNA will only be available online and accessible via a computer or mobile device [...]

How to Access Your MyHeritage Kit Number

The following describes how to access your MyHeritage kit number:

Navigate to the website homepage.
In the upper-right corner of the homepage, click Log [...]