Population Clusters in myOrigins

Who are you? That’s a question with many possible answers. You are the sum of a lifetime of experiences. You are the result of choices you have made. You are the result of truths your [...]

myOrigins Methodology Whitepaper

Published May 8, 2014Written by Razib Khan and Rui H, Family Tree DNAUpdated September 13, 2017 Abstract The aim of this survey is to review the methods and results that serve as the basis for myOrigins. After [...]

myOrigins – Undetermined Region

Once you receive your Family Finder results, you might see that your myOrigins ethnic makeup includes an Undetermined Region result. What does my Undetermined Region result mean? An Undetermined Region result means that you have a [...]

myOrigins 2.0 Update

Published: April 7, 2017 Our Recent update of myOrigins 2.0 has added to and refined our Genetic Populations and Population Clusters based on new research and new reference populations that have been collected and published [...]

myOrigins: Unraveling Ancestries

by Razib Khan Who are you? Where do you come from? These are fundamental questions that we as human beings ask. Genetics is one part of the answer and an important one. Some of the genetic aspect [...]

myOrigins – Surprising Threads on the Tapestry

 by Razib Khan Sometimes what we think we know about the past obscures what the true past is because the elements that we use to construct the past are so contingent upon recent historical furniture. As [...]