We have designed the Family Finder program to be as quick and simple to use as possible. We recommend current software in the following categories. The particular package you use is your choice.

  1. A web browser.
    • Firefox 3.6 or above (Apple MAC, Linux, Windows)
    • Google Chrome (Apple MAC, Linux, Windows)
    • Internet Explorer 9 or above (Windows)
    • Opera 10.5 or above (Apple MAC, Linux, Windows)
    • Safari (Apple MAC, Windows)
  2. Adobe Flash. (Apple MAC, Linux, Windows)
  3. A spreadsheet program.
    • Microsoft Excel (Apple MAC, Windows)
    • OpenOffice Calc (Apple MAC, Linux, Windows)
    • Gnumeric (Linux, Windows)
    • Lotus (Windows)
  4. File Compression/Decompression (ZIP) software.
    • 7-Zip (Windows)
    • PeaZip (Linux, Windows)
    • The Unarchiver (Apple MAC)