The Join Request option changes the appearance of the Group Description that is shown to prospective members. This allows you to request that a potential member contact you before ordering a kit and joining your group. This can help prevent individuals ordering from groups to which they would not belong. It also helps with projects that are looking for specific descendants.

If you require a Join Request, visitors interested in your group will not be able to order a kit from the Group Description page. Instead of viewing an order form at the bottom of your description, if you require that a Join Request be used, the potential participant will see a form to contact you first. When they fill out this form, you will receive an email with what they have written. The email will include a link to approve or disapprove their project membership. Alternatively, you may sign in to your Group Administration Page (GAP) and approve pending memberships on the GAP – Join Authorization page.

To allow members to join without a join request:

  1. Sign in to your GAP account by entering your Project Administrator username and password.
  2. On the menu bar, click Project Administration > Project Profile. The Project Profile page is displayed.
  3. In the Options section, select the Allow new members to join without a join request check box.
  4. At the bottom of the Project Profile page, select Save Profile.