A kit is listed on the Member Reports Pending Lab Results page by the test or procedure run at the lab. Therefore, if an order includes more than one test, it will be listed multiple times.

For example, the Y-DNA12, 25, 37 and 67 marker tests are performed in sections called panels. The Y-DNA12 marker test (markers 1-12) is the first panel, the 13-25 marker section is the next, followed by the 26-37 panel, and finally the 38-67 panel (made up of 3 test plates: 38-47, 48-60, and 61-67). We show these sections to you so you can see the progress of each of these panels. The lab may return results for the 26-37 marker section before returning results for markers 13-25. Family Tree DNA will post these 26-37 markers (if the first 12 have been posted) and the 26-37 markers will no longer appear in the Member Reports Pending Lab Results page.