In order to provide our customers with the highest level of haplogroup confidence, Family Tree DNA provides a SNP Assurance program (beginning with batch 173). If a person’s Y-DNA haplogroup cannot be predicted with 100% confidence, the SNP Assurance Program will test your sample with our Backbone SNP test for FREE. Specifically, if we cannot predict a person’s Y-DNA haplogroup with sufficient confidence that they can join the National Geographic’s Genographic Project, we will automatically perform a Backbone SNP test in order to identify the haplogroup assignment. Backbone tests take about 6-8 weeks from the time they are ordered

We test a panel of SNPs in order to determine your placement on the haplogroup tree. The positive value for the SNP that determines your haplogroup assignment is reported on the Y-DNA – Haplotree & SNPs page of your myFTDNA account.

The following depth of haplogroup prediction or confirmation is guaranteed for all Y-DNA tests.

SNP Name




M91 rs2032651 ChrY:20366926 A-M91
M181 rs2032599 ChrY:13360948 B-M181
RPS4Y-711 AKA M130 rs35284970 ChrY:2794854 C-RPS4Y711
M174 rs2032602 ChrY:13463674 D-M174
M96 rs9306841 ChrY:20238386 E-M96
M2 rs3893 and rs9785941 ChrY:12606577 E-M2

ChrY:20201091 E-M35.1
M89 rs2032652 ChrY:20376701 F-M89
M201 rs2032636 ChrY:13536923 G-M201
M69 rs2032673 ChrY:20353446 H-M69
M170 rs2032597 ChrY:13357186 I-M170
M253 rs9341296 ChrY:13532101 I-M253

ChrY:13001692 I-P37.2

ChrY:20176695 I-M223
M304 rs13447352 ChrY:21159241 J-M304
M267 rs9341313 ChrY:21151206 J-M267
M172 rs2032604 ChrY:13479028 J-M172
M9 rs3900 ChrY:20189645 K-M9
M20 rs3911 ChrY:20192842 L-M20
M106 rs2032611 ChrY:20325812 M-M106
M231 rs9341278 ChrY:13979118 N-M231
M175 rs2032678 ChrY:14018100 O-M175
M45 rs2032631 ChrY:20327175 P-M45
M242 rs8179021 ChrY:13527976 Q-M242
M3 rs3894 ChrY:17605757 Q-M3
M207 rs2032658 ChrY:14091377 R-M207
M173 rs2032624 ChrY:13535818 R-M173
M198 rs2020857 ChrY:13540146 R-M198
M269 rs9786153 ChrY:21148755 R-M269

ChrY:20223889 R-M124
M230 rs13447374 ChrY:13540161 S-M230
M70 rs2032672 ChrY:20353269 T-M70

If you tested before we implemented the SNP Assurance Program, and the Y-DNA – Haplotree & SNPs page of your myFTDNA account shows your haplogroup as unpredicted, then we will run the Backbone SNP test for you. Please use the feedback form to send your request to our customer service.