The Y-DNA SNP Results page allows you to evaluate members according to their Y-Chromosome SNP (single nucleotide polymorphism) test results. The data columns are:

  • Kit Number: This is the project member’s kit number that was assigned with their first order. If they transferred from the National Geographic Genographic Project then their kit number was assigned when they transferred.
  • Name: This is the name provided by the project member on the My Account – Contact Information page of their myFTDNA account.
  • Haplogroup: This is the project member’s Y-Chromosome (Y-DNA) haplogroup.
  • Short Hand: This is the project member’s Y-Chromosome (Y-DNA) haplogroup in Y-Chromosome Consortium’s (YCC) short hand.
  • Confirmed SNPs: These are the results from Y-DNA SNP (single nucleotide polymorphism) tests.
  • Subgroup: This is the Y-DNA subgroup to which the project member has been assigned.

Each column may be sorted in descending or ascending order. To sort in ascending order (A->Z or 1->10), click on the column name once. To sort in descending order (Z->A or 10->1), click on the column name twice. You may download the report table by clicking on the Export to Spreadsheet button.

The Advanced Filters (ALPHA) provides filters for four fields; NameHaplogroupShorthand, and SNPs.