The Unreceived Kits page
allows you to view kits that have not been received back at the lab for processing. The data columns are:

  • Kit Number: This is the project member’s kit number that was assigned with their order.
  • Name: This is the name provided when the kit was ordered.
  • E-mail: This is the e-mail address that was entered when the kit was ordered.
  • Order Date: This is the date that the order for the kit was placed.

Each column may be sorted in ascending or descending order. To sort in ascending
order (A->Z or 1->10), click on the column name once. To sort in descending order (Z->A or 10->1), click on the column name twice. You may download the report table by clicking on the Export to Spreadsheet button.

The Advanced Filters (ALPHA) provides filters for three fields; Name and E-mail.