The GAP – Pending Lab Results page allows you to view project members’ test orders that are pending, check for lab processing notes, and see status updates.

To access this page:

  1. Sign in to your GAP account by entering your Project Administrator username and password.
  2. On the menu bar, click Member Reports > Pending Lab Results. The Pending Lab Results page is displayed.

The Pending Lab Results page contains the following controls and columns:

  • Show Advanced Filter – Click to display the following fields:
    • Name – Allows you to filter/search the table by member name.
    • Products – Allows you to filter/search the table by test product.
    • Lab Procedure – Allows you to filter/search the table by lab procedure.
    • Batch – Allows you to filter/search the table by batch number.
  • Export Spreadsheet – Click to export the Member Information table to a spreadsheet.
  • Kit Number – Project member’s kit number that was assigned with their first order. If the member transferred from the National Geographic Genographic Project, then their kit number was assigned when they transferred.
  • Name –  Name of the project member provided on the project member’s myFTDNA account Contact Information page.
  • Products – Product (test) that has been ordered.
  • Lab Procedure – Test or tests run by the lab.
  • Batch – Batch number corresponding to the order. Orders are batched once a week for all orders that have been paid in full.
  • Expected Date – Expected result date. The expected date varies depending on the lab procedure and product demand.
  • Note – Note posted by the lab. These notes include important information pertaining to possible delays in results.

You may sort each column in ascending or descending order. To sort in ascending order (A->Z or 1->10), click on the column name once. To sort in descending order (Z->A or 10->1), click on the column name twice.