The GAP Contact Information page allows you to update your personal contact information.

  • Prefix – Your preferred prefix. If one is not available, please enter it before your first name in the First Name field. You may leave this field blank.
  • First Name – Your personal name.
  • Middle Name – Your middle name if you have one.
  • Last Name – Your surname or family name.
  • Suffix – The suffix for your name, if you have one. If you do not have a suffix, then leave the field blank.
  • Email Address – Your email address. You may add an email address by clicking the New Email Address button.
  • Address One – This should be the building number and street name of your personal address.
  • Address Two – This may be additional information about your address such as apartment number.
  • City – The name of the city or town where you reside.
  • State or Other – If you live in the USA then select the state, otherwise you should select Not Applicable and enter the region of the country where you live.
  • Postal Code – Your local postal code, i.e., ZIP code.
  • Country – The country you where you live.
  • Phone – Your primary telephone number.

You may save or update your information by clicking on the Save Contact Information button.