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Big Y

Please note that as of January 30, 2019 the Big Y-700 test is now available, and the Big Y-500 test is no longer available for purchase. The Big Y is a Y-chromosome direct paternal line test. We have designed it to explore deep ancestral links on [...]

Novel Variant

For FamilyTreeDNA, a novel variant is a difference on a person's Big Y test from the reference sequence that has not been before seen. Novel variants may or may not be unique to an individual and will be listed separately [...]

Al Aburto – Genetic Genealogy Interview

Al Aburto is a member of the genetic genealogy community and a group project administrator. He became involved in genetic genealogy in 2005. He is retired and lives with his wife in Southern California. Apart from genealogy, they are involved [...]

Eugen Hartmann – Genetic Genealogy Interview

Eugen Hartmann joined the genetic genealogy community in 2009. He is the group project administrator of two geographic projects.  Both focus on those of German descent. He lives and works in Russia with his family. Eugen Hartmann Rebekah: [...]

Tim Janzen – Genetic Genealogy Interview

Tim Janzen is a community leader in using autosomal DNA (what we inherit equally from both parents) to trace and affirm family connections. With an extensive background in traditional genealogy and especially Mennonite genealogy, Tim has lead efforts to develop [...]

Gail Riddell – Genetic Genealogy Interview

Today, I am interviewing Gail Riddell of New Zealand. Gail is a power project administrator. She is the administrator of 25 DNA group projects and is the co-administrator of another 9 projects. A woman of many talents, she has worked in fields ranging from chauffeur driver to accountant. Her hobbies include crafts and gardening.

In GAP 2.0, what is the Y-DNA SNP page?

The Y-DNA SNP Results page allows you to evaluate members according to their Y-Chromosome SNP (single nucleotide polymorphism) test results. The data columns are:Kit Number: This is the project member's kit number that was assigned with their first order. If they [...]