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GAP Quick Start Guide – Classic Format

Setting up a Group in the Classic Format How do I create a website for my group project? Family Tree DNA provides tools that allow you to create a public website for your project. Your project website is important for [...]

Matt Dexter – Genetic Genealogy Interview

Matthew Dexter is an active member of both his home community and of our genetic genealogy community. At home, he is a dedicated church member who is currently helping them install a new video and sound system. In the community, [...]

Mayflower Descendant Badge

If you have a Mayflower Descendant badge displayed in the Badges section of your dashboard,  the badge means that you are a probable direct-maternal or direct-paternal descendant. In 1620, a group of 102 English Separatists arrived in New England aboard [...]

Common Questions

You will find answers to our most common questions on this page.  Explore the rest of the Learning Center to find answers to more complicated issues by clicking the menu bar above. Before I Buy You may learn more [...]

What is a Relevant Match?

A "Relevant Match" as stated in the Family Tree DNA release form is one of the following: Relevant Matches Test Genetic Distance of Relevant Matches Y-DNA 12 Exact Matches and (within a project) a genetic distance of 1 Y-DNA 25 Genetic distances [...]

Advanced Matches

Advanced Matches allows you to compare genetic matching from multiple types of DNA tests: Family Finder, mtDNA, and Y-DNA, as well as filtering by X-matches. You may select filtering options in the filter (FILTER ADVANCED VIEW) section and view matching results in [...]

Al Aburto – Genetic Genealogy Interview

Al Aburto is a member of the genetic genealogy community and a group project administrator. He became involved in genetic genealogy in 2005. He is retired and lives with his wife in Southern California. Apart from genealogy, they are involved [...]

Eugen Hartmann – Genetic Genealogy Interview

Eugen Hartmann joined the genetic genealogy community in 2009. He is the group project administrator of two geographic projects.  Both focus on those of German descent. He lives and works in Russia with his family. Eugen Hartmann Rebekah: [...]

CeCe Moore – Genetic Genealogy Interview

CeCe Moore is one of the best known and most loved bloggers, Your Genetic Genealogist, in genetic genealogy. She is known throughout the community for her kindness and diplomacy. I meet her first many years ago as a project member, but [...]

Blaine Bettinger – Genetic Genealogy Interview

Blaine Bettinger was one of the earliest to have a blog, The Genetic Genealogist, dedicated to using DNA for genealogy and personal ancestry. When I began using DNA testing for my personal genealogy research in 2005, I read his posts as part [...]

Jim Barrett – Genetic Genealogy Interview

Jim Barrett is an active member of the genetic genealogy community who administers several surname group projects. He is well known on the ISOGG group administrators' list as well as in our FTDNA Forums. Jim Barrett Rebekah: Please tell me about [...]

Tim Janzen – Genetic Genealogy Interview

Tim Janzen is a community leader in using autosomal DNA (what we inherit equally from both parents) to trace and affirm family connections. With an extensive background in traditional genealogy and especially Mennonite genealogy, Tim has lead efforts to develop [...]

Janine Cloud – Genetic Genealogy Interview

Janine Cloud joined Family Tree DNA and the genetic genealogy community as an information specialist several years ago. She came from a long career in customer support at a large newspaper. At Family Tree DNA, Janine quickly moved up to [...]

Jennifer Zinck – Genetic Genealogy Interview

Jennifer Zinck is a traditional genealogist, mother, wife, and most recently a member of the genetic genealogy community. Between parenting activities, she consults and works on her Ancestors Central blog. Jennifer lives in New England as did her ancestors before [...]