If you do not have HVR1 matches, you will not have HVR1 and HVR2 (HVR1,HVR2) combined matches. This is because anyone who is an HVR1,HVR2 match has the same HVR1 result as you. They are by definition also an HVR1 match. You will also not have HVR1,HVR2 matches if you have not tested your HVR2 region or if none of your HVR1 matches have tested the HVR2 region. Your HVR1 matches who have tested HVR2 will have (HVR2) next to their name.

As our database grows, the system will continue to look for HVR1,HVR2 matches for you. We will send you a notification email when a matching result comes into our database.