Do you recommend that I take part in mtDNA Community?

No, it is not something that we recommend or endorse. However, Family Tree DNA customers have requested this service, and we do appreciate your enthusiasm. Therefore, Family Tree DNA maintains the mtDNA Community website as […]

Should I upload someone else’s results to mtDNA Community?

You should only help someone else with his or her full knowledge of mtDNA Community’s intended use and scope. We strongly recommend both having them read this page and sign a document stating that they […]

Who outside the Genetic Genealogy community might use mtDNA Community?

Because mtDNA Community contains both published academic samples as well as many private samples, many groups may wish to upload samples to mtDNA Community to find matches. These include but are not limited to: Population […]

If I join mtDNA Community, will they upload my results to the NCBI Genbank database?

No, adding your own results to mtDNA Community does not include submitting them to NCBI Genbank. Privacy Alert: By uploading mtDNA full sequence results to mtDNA Community, you are making them public. Though you can […]

What is mtDNA Community?

The mtDNA Community ( pages are a free public service. They are hosted by Family Tree DNA. The site’s goal is to help with what we know about the human maternal tree. It is run by […]