Jennifer Zinck – Genetic Genealogy Interview

Jennifer Zinck is a traditional genealogist, mother, wife, and most recently a member of the genetic genealogy community. Between parenting activities, she consults and works on her Ancestors Central blog. Jennifer lives in New England [...]

Gail Riddell – Genetic Genealogy Interview

Today, I am interviewing Gail Riddell of New Zealand. Gail is a power project administrator. She is the administrator of 25 DNA group projects and is the co-administrator of another 9 projects. A woman of many talents, she has worked in fields ranging from chauffeur driver to accountant. Her hobbies include crafts and gardening.

Emily Aulicino – Genetic Genealogy Interview

Today's interview is with Emily Aulicino of the dna - genealem's genetic genealogy blog. Emily worked for many years as a teacher. Her teaching experience included elementary, middle, and high school as well as special [...]

Roberta Estes – Genetic Genealogy Interview

Interviews of the leaders in family history and genetic genealogy will be a focus of our blog. We are lucky to have for our first interview with Roberta Estes of DNA Explain. Roberta retired from [...]