Judaism is a religion and not a genetic attribute that can be defined by a DNA mutation. However, because Jewish populations have been endogamous for much of their history, hints to your Jewish ancestry for your direct maternal lineage are provided by looking at the mtDNA – Ancestral Origins page in your myFTDNA account. Check the Comments column on this page. There are four possible situations:

  1. You match only people who are Jewish. You will see in the Comments column Ashkenazim, Sephardim, and other historic branches. The answer here is a clear yes.
  2. You match both Jews and non-Jews. The answer here is not clear. A higher level of testing, the Mitochondrial DNA Full Genomic Sequence test, will eliminate matches with one group or the other.
  3. You match nobody of known Jewish origins. It is highly unlikely that you have Jewish origins on this line.
  4. You do not have matches in our system. This is unlikely if you have Jewish origins.