Judaism is a religion and not an attribute definable by a DNA mutation, but we can give you hints about having Jewish ancestry by comparing your results against our database. Look on the Y-DNA – Ancestral Origins page to see whether or not the people you match have listed Jewish ancestry. Those in our Jewish database have a listing in the Comments column denoting Jewish ancestry. There are four situations when testing for Jewish ancestry. These situations are as follows:

  • You match only people who are also Jewish on their direct paternal line. That is, the signature or haplotype only matches with people who have known Jewish ancestry. The answer in this case is clear.
  • Your haplotype matches both Jewish and non-Jewish lineages. The answer is not clear, and we cannot guess whether or not your personal lineage is Jewish.
  • You match no one of known Jewish origin. The answer is clear. You are unlikely to have Jewish origins on this lineage.
  • You have no matches in our system at all. That means we have never seen your specific results. We will know more about your ancestry when you start matching others.