The Y-DNA Transfer program is the opportunity for those who previously Y-DNA tested at a Sorenson Genomics lab-based company to take part in FamilyTreeDNA Group Projects and to retest at FamilyTreeDNA.

Transfer customers may choose a basic transfer of Y-DNA46 panel results that will allow them to view their results in a new account and to join group projects. These are the Transfer Y-DNA33 and the Transfer Y-DNA46. They do not include either database matching or haplogroup prediction.

Transfer customers may also choose to test the Y-DNA STR markers required for matching to FamilyTreeDNA’s customers. These are the Transfer Y-DNA33 + Y-DNA25 and the Transfer Y-DNA46 + Y-DNA37. They include database matching and haplogroup prediction. However, they also require a new DNA sample.

Transfer options are:

Option Price Project Membership Database Matching Haplogroup Prediction
Transfer Y-DNA33 $19 Yes No No
Transfer Y-DNA46 $19 Yes No No
Transfer Y-DNA33 + Y-DNA25* $58 Yes Yes Yes
Transfer Y-DNA46 + Y-DNA37* $58 Yes Yes Yes

*If you upgrade after ordering a basic transfer, the cost will be $39 US in addition to a $9.95 shipping and handling cost for a swab kit.

Note: This Y-DNA transfer offer is only for Y-DNA STR results. They do not include results from mtDNA or autosomal DNA tests. Autosomal transfers are available separately.