The Reference page provides additional guidance beyond our GAP Guidelines on best practices for managing a group project.

How do I know the order I placed was completed?

After you have placed the order, we will send you an automated confirmation email. [...]

How do I create a website to add to the Project Profile Page?

Use the GAP – Public Website page to create a FREE Public Project Website for [...]

What are my responsibilities as a Family Finder Project administrator?

You may read about the responsibilities of a Family Tree DNA Project administrator in [...]

How many administrators should I have?

Eventually your project should include more than one administrator. This is to help ensure [...]

How many kits can I order at a time?

You can order up to five kits at once using the Project Administration New [...]

How can I determine if a group member has signed and returned a release form?

You can determine if a project member has signed and returned their release form [...]

May I add additional administrators and co-administrators to my project?

Yes, you may add additional administrators or co-administrator to your project. Please follow these [...]

How do I know which of my members have tested with the Genographic Project?

Individuals who transfer their results from the Genographic Project to Family Tree DNA have [...]

Why has this kit been listed on the Pending Shipment to Lab page for so long?

Kits that have not been paid will remain on the Member Reports Pending Shipment [...]

What do the colors for the Y-DNA results chart headings mean?

The Y-chromosome DNA (Y-DNA) results chart headings are color coded in two ways. First, each testing [...]

As an Administrator, how will I communicate with my project members?

Family Tree DNA gives Project Administrators a group email tool. It allows them to [...]

As a Group Project Administrator, what are ways that I can reach out to potential project members?

There are many ways for you to reach out to potential project members. The [...]

Why is all or part of the text from my surname project’s Public Website on the myHeritage DNA page?

As part of myHeritage’s affiliateship with Family Tree DNA, they are including information about [...]

How do I add information to my project’s Public Website?

You may add information to your Public Project Website on the Public Website page.

To do so:

Sign [...]

How do I check on the status of a test listed in Pending Lab Results?

Family Tree DNA will update the pending results date and notes as information changes.

Will group members be able to see each other’s email addresses in bulk email messages?

No, they will not. The bulk email uses the blind carbon copy (BCC) option. [...]

How do I show or hide my email as the Group Administrator?

You may configure your Project Website email display settings on the My Settings page.

To [...]

How many projects can a person belong to?

Family Tree DNA customers can join an unlimited number of projects.

Are there guidelines for Family Finder Projects?

Yes. Family Tree DNA would like every Family Finder Project to be a success. [...]

How can I view my project’s member passwords?

We do not display member passwords to  group Project Administrators. The project member may give the Project [...]