A “Relevant Match” as stated in the Family Tree DNA release form is one of the following:

Relevant Matches

Test Genetic Distance of Relevant Matches
Y-DNA 12 Exact Matches and (within a project) a genetic distance of 1
Y-DNA 25 Genetic distances of 0 through 2
Y-DNA 37 Genetic distances of 0 through 4
Y-DNA 67 Genetic distances of 0 through 7
Y-DNA 111 Genetic distances of 0 through 10
mtDNAPlus (HVR1 & HVR2) Exact Matches excluding positions 309 and 315
mtFull Sequence (HVR1, HVR2 & Coding Region) 0 through 3, including heteroplasmy, but excluding positions 309 and 315
Family Finder Persons sharing a certain amount of centimorgans, and listed under Family Finder matches

** Note: When a Y-Chromosome STR marker comparison differs by more than one, the matching program takes genetic distance rather than the number of mismatching markers into consideration. This is because for most STR markers, each step difference is as meaningful as mismatches on additional markers.