Yes, it is your DNA. You have the right to ask us to remove your data and/or to delete your kit with us. You may do so by using our customer support contact form and choosing the Billing / Change Order category.

Please note that removing your results from our database is permanent and cannot be undone once complete. We will not be able to reinstate your results at a later date without first charging you for more testing and getting a new cheek swab from you.

Alternatively, we can reverse your consent so that your name no longer appears on the matches list. You will no longer be able to view your matches either. We can also remove your email address from the kit so that you will no longer receive emails from us. Doing both of these would allow you to keep access to your kit should you change your mind in the future.

If you do want your results permanently removed from our database, we are happy to help you in that process. We need a confirmation from you that you understand this cannot be undone. We will also need to know if you would like your cheek swab sample destroyed or left in our storage and if you would like to have your kit deleted.