Each of these companies has a testing partnership with FamilyTreeDNA. At FamilyTreeDNA, we provide DNA Kits, testing services, and DNA storage. After testing with any of these companies, customers may access their results through the FamilyTreeDNA website, and they enjoy all of the privileges of FamilyTreeDNA customers.

With the exception of African DNA, which is part of the FamilyTreeDNA group of websites, each partner company maintains its own website using its own Information Technology department. Although their webpages may link to content on the FamilyTreeDNA site, they create their own content. Therefore, FamilyTreeDNA does not endorse the content of these websites. Nor are we in any way liable for the accuracy of their content.

At FamilyTreeDNA, we do encourage those who have tested with us or our testing partners to make use of the materials on our website and contact us with any questions about your test results.