Surveys help us improve our products and build new features. They can also help you learn more about yourself and what you may have in common with your genetic relatives.

The Family Ancestry Survey is available to customers who have taken our Family Finder test and have received their results.

If you have taken our Family Finder test and have received your results, you will see the Family Ancestry Survey button on the lower-left side of your dashboard.

Sample – Family Ancestry Survey Button 

Your answers will be combined with the responses of other FamilyTreeDNA users and used to identify patterns and variations. We will not use identifying information. If we identify trends, we may share discoveries with you and other users on the FamilyTreeDNA site or publicly through social media channels or in advertisements. If you don’t want to receive promotional offers or targeted advertising, please read the FamilyTreeDNA Privacy Statement.

Responses will only be shared in combination with the responses of other users. Identifiable information will not be shared.

Combined with other users’ responses, your responses may be used by FamilyTreeDNA for internal research and product development.

Once your survey answers are submitted, they cannot be changed or deleted.

Participating in this survey is completely voluntary.