FamilyTreeDNA neither certifies nor endorses groups or organizations that choose to act as resellers of our DNA tests. While all group projects run through FamilyTreeDNA are expected to follow our GAP Guidelines, we make absolutely no warranty about the quality or utility of other goods or services they offer.

Note: Any affiliate or reseller of FamilyTreeDNA products will provide kit and password information so that those tested may enjoy the full use of a myFTDNA account. If you feel that you have not received this or suspect that the company has not sold you an actual FamilyTreeDNA test, please contact our customer service.

Alert: At FamilyTreeDNA, we expect our Group Administrators to follow the highest standards of personal and ethical conduct. For this reason, failure to follow the GAP Guidelines may result in the removal of a Group Administrator. FamilyTreeDNA reserves the right to remove a Group Administrator at any time at its discretion. FamilyTreeDNA reserves the right to make changes to these Group Administrator Guidelines at its sole discretion. Please refer to the GAP Guidelines periodically for updates.