Welcome to our basic group administration tutorial on how to make the most of your new myGroups page.  You can see a breakdown of the myGroups page for your group members at the myGroups (Beta) Walkthrough page.  You may share the URL with your group members as well (/group-projects/mygroups-walkthrough/).

You will notice that most of your basic set up for the group project is the same.  If you need additional assistance with your GAP pages, you may see our Quick Start Guide or the GAP User Guide. This page is intended to give you an overview of the myGroups page features and where you may update and change your group’s information. You may change your group project banner and picture under Project Profile. Your privacy settings remain under Public Website > Site Configuration.

Alternatively, you can click on the links on your main GAP page to navigate to the myGroups public page, the Project Profile, or your Public Website Site Configuration:

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myGroups Home Page

Activity Feed

The Activity Feed allows the group project members to interact and share information more quickly and freely.  They can ask questions, help one another in their research, post pictures, and engage in a new, exciting way. See the myGroups (Beta) Walkthrough page for more details on how the Activity Feed works.

A brief note about moderation of the activity feed: we have a system in place that will notify you when a post is reported as inappropriate. You may delete posts and pictures.  You may remove members from the group if they become abusive. Once a post is reported by a group member, that post is removed from the reporting party’s feed.  If a post is reported often enough by your group members, it is automatically removed from all Activity Feeds.  You are not required to moderate your feed.

When you are logged into myGroups as an administrator and create a post on the Activity Feed, it will be denoted as from an admin by the yellow and white triangle symbol below.

Admin Icon

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DNA Results

Click on the DNA Results menu option to get to your groups reports, such as the Classic Chart, Colorized Chart, and other features. As group administrator, you still have the same privacy and organizational control as before.


The Photos section brings together all photos that have been posted by group members and sorts them by month posted.


The surnames listed in your group in your Project Profile will be listed here.  Be sure you include all relevant names and alternate spellings.

About Us

The About Us section has several options for you and is edited from the Project Profile and Public Website sections on your GAP page.

You can update your group project description for the myGroups Overview by logging into your GAP page and editing your Project Profile information. Note that non-members that come to your project page will see the Overview section by default.

Project Profile Page 2

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The majority of your About Us section corresponds directly with the Public Website tabs on your GAP page. You may edit the Description, Goals, News, and Results sections.

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Only group administrators that are logged into myGroups as an admin are allowed to post links to the myGroups pages. You now have a link on your GAP dashboard to take you to your myGroups page (see above).

When you are logged in as an administrator, you may add links to the myGroups page by clicking Links on the left menu on the myGroups dashboard and then clicking edit.  You may categorize your links to make them easier for your members to navigate.


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