You can share your family tree by emailing your friends and family a unique link generated for your individual myFamilyTree page.

To access this unique link and share your family tree with family and friends:

1. Sign in to your myFTDNA account.

2. On your myFTDNA page, click myFamilyTree to navigate to your myFamilyTree page.


3. On your myFamilyTree page, in the upper-right corner, under the mini map, click Share this tree.


The Share this Family Tree with your friends and family page is displayed.

4. Click the Copy Link button to copy the link displayed in the blue field.


5. Navigate to your email, and paste the link in an email message. (To paste: in the email message, right click on your mouse, and select Paste from the displayed menu.)

6. Email the link so that your friends and family can access your Family Tree.