Once you receive your Family Finder results, you might see that your myOrigins ethnic makeup includes an Undetermined Region result.


What does my Undetermined Region result mean?

An Undetermined Region result means that you have a small section of autosomal DNA that we cannot, with confidence, match to any of our reference populations.

Why do I have an Undetermined Region result?

Although we have, through scientific research, autosomal DNA information for reference populations around the world, our algorithm is unable to assign this one small section of your DNA to a specific reference population for one of the following reasons:

  • Due to the broad scope of genetic diversity among humans, this one section of DNA matches multiple reference populations.
  • Due to the fact that scientists have yet to determine DNA information for all populations and regions of the world, this one section of DNA does not match any reference population.

As more DNA and scientific information is provided in the future, we will be able to enhance our algorithm and determine the geographic regions and genetic populations for Undetermined Region results.