Replacement DNA Test Kits

What is a Replacement DNA Test Kit Replacement DNA Test Kits are kits that are sent out if one of the following happens: The original […]

DNA Processing Consent Form

The DNA Processing Consent Form is included in the FamilyTreeDNA sample collection kit. This form must be signed by the donor (tester) or parent/guardian of the […]

DNA Test Kit Instructions

The FamilyTreeDNA test kit consists of two cotton swabs and two vials designed to be used by one individual. Each vial contains a fluid designed […]

FTDNA Test Process

All of our kits go through the same basic process once we have the sample in our lab.  Here are some of our most common […]

After I return the kit, how long will results take?

Once we receive your DNA sample in the lab, you will be notified of receipt via the email address associated with your account, we send […]

I have ordered a test. How soon will my account show the test’s pending status?

The pending status and an estimated results date will be shown after your order is added to a weekly batch. Weekly batches are usually done […]

You are rerunning my test. Does this mean I need to submit a new DNA sample?

In most cases, we will not need to request additional samples. This is only necessary if we have exhausted the samples that you have already […]

How do I order additional tests?

You may order additional tests or upgrades online through your myFTDNA account on the Order Additional DNA Tests page. To access this page: 1. Sign in […]

Will I get results through the mail?

No. Family Tree DNA is an online product. You can access your results through your myFTDNA account. We do offer printable certificates for three types of tests: […]

How do I order a kit?

Once you have chosen a test, you can place your order through the Family Tree DNA website. You have the option of ordering directly or […]

Are you rerunning my results?

If it is more than a week past the target date without our posting your results, it most often means that we did not get […]

May I test the DNA of a child? Is there a minimum testing age?

You must be at least 18 years of age to participate or otherwise provide your own Genetic Information and to agree to the FamilyTreeDNA Terms […]

What are weekly test batches? When do batches close?

Family Tree DNA processes order payments and kits transitioning to our laboratory in weekly batches. Batches are numbered sequentially. Lab processing begins the next business […]

When I order an upgrade, do you need a new sample? How will I know if you are sending a new kit?

Most of the time, the DNA extracted from your original test kit is enough for any upgrade you order. When you have paid in full […]

I lost my kit. What do I do?

Should you accidentally misplace or destroy your kit, please use our contact form to submit a request to customer service. Include your kit number,* and we will […]

I know that the group administrator for a project has violated the GAP Guidelines. Who do I tell?

If you discover that a group administrator or co-administrator has violated the GAP Guidelines or acted in an unethical way, please contact us as soon as possible. […]

I have been sick. Will this affect the sample?

Most illnesses will not affect your DNA and therefore will not affect your ability to test. However, if you have or have recently had an […]

Where do you upload (post) my results? How will I know when you upload them?

Once the results of your tests are complete, we will upload them to your myFTDNA account. We will send you an email to let you […]

Why aren’t my results back? What has caused the delay?

If it is more than a week past the target date without your results being posted, it most often means that we did not get […]

My kit was missing a swab or a vial when I received it. How do I get a replacement?

If you are missing a swab or vial when you receive your kit, please contact us and be sure to include your kit number. We will have a […]

Why are you rerunning my results?

We will run your sample again if the first test does not provide clear and unambiguous results. This can happen for a number of reasons […]