The Family Finder test uses the Illumina OmniExpress microarray chip. The chip includes about 696,800 autosomal single nucleotide polymorphisms (SNPs).

Note: After quality control improvements in chips manufactured on or after December 2012, Illumina reduced the number of SNPs on the OmniExpress chip from the original 707,000 SNPs to 696,800. However, we have evaluated the Family Finder matching program and validated that the change does not adversely affect our Family Finder matching program.

Illumina has explained the change, “It’s the same product, same core content, and everybody who uses it

[the chip] is seeing the same change…” As the science behind the chips advances, Illumina updates the platform accordingly. The change will be seen by all companies who use the Illumina OmniExpress chip though timing may vary with individual company inventory.