myOrigins can detect a significant Native American contribution to your genetic ancestry. If you have a 100% genetically pre-Columbian ancestor in your recent genealogy, myOrigins is highly likely to detect it.

Generation Relationship Percentage
1 Self 100.00%
2 Parent 50.00%
3 Grandparent 25.00%
4 1st Great Grandparent 12.50%
5 2nd Great Grandparent 6.25%
6 3rd Great Grandparent 3.13%
7 4th Great Grandparent 1.56%

For example, if your great-grandmother was 100% pre-Columbian Native American, myOrigins will detect your approximately 12.5% Native American ancestry.

myOrigins is also likely to detect Native American ancestry that is a high percentage of a modern population. As another example, if you have all four grandparents with Native American ancestry from Mexico, your myOrigins results will reflect the amount of pre-Columbian ancestry that is within a normal range for those with Mexican heritage.

However, the available reference populations limit the ability of the program to identify your specific ancestral group. It may also under detect heritage that comes from a distinctive unrepresented group such as the Na-Dene.

Remember that you may have a Native American ancestor but not have sufficient genetic heritage from them to be detected by a DNA test. This is due to the randomness of autosomal recombination.

Therefore, genetic testing can confirm your ancestry but not disprove it.