Account Settings – Genealogy

The Genealogy page is where you can add surname and earliest known ancestor information.

Account Settings – Project Preferences

This page only applies to you if you have joined a FamilyTreeDNA Group Project. If you have not joined a project, your Project Preferences page will be blank. Please note that, in this topic, all references to Group Administrator […]

Account Settings – Notifications Preferences

The Notifications Preferences page is where you can specify which email notifications you want to receive.

Account Settings – Privacy & Sharing

The Privacy & Sharing page is where you can opt in to matching and view and specify your preferences regarding what information you share and with whom you share it. Note: On your Privacy & Sharing page, you can click the  icon in each section […]

Account Settings – Account Information

The Account Information page is where you can to do the following: Contact Information – Enter, edit, and view your contact (and profile) information and add your profile picture. Password – Change your password. Beneficiary Information – Enter, edit, and […]

My Account – Pending Lab Results Page

The My Account – Pending Lab Results page shows your orders that we are processing. Tests – You have ordered this test. Lab Procedure – The lab will perform this test. Batch – We processed […]

How do I change my password?

In Account Settings, you can change the auto-generated password you were assigned when your myFTDNA account was created. To change your myFTDNA password: Sign in to your myFTDNA account. On your myFTDNA page, on the […]

Order History Page

The Order History page shows all outstanding and past orders you have placed for your kit. The following information is displayed on this page: Product – Product (test) that you have ordered. Date – Date […]