How many projects can I join?

We do not restrict the number of projects a customer can join; however, it is important to note that while Family Tree DNA does [...]

What is the Projects – Join page?

The Projects – Join page allows you to find and join group projects managed by unpaid volunteers who have an interest in the history [...]

How do I have my project included in the Projects Index?

You may have your group project included in Projects Index. If it is a Surname, mtDNA Lineage, or Geographic project, adding it to the [...]

How many projects can a person belong to?

Family Tree DNA customers can join an unlimited number of projects.

Are there guidelines for Family Finder Projects?

Yes. Family Tree DNA would like every Family Finder Project to be a success. We ask that you consider these guidelines for planning and [...]

I am considering testing with a company that uses your lab. Does FamilyTreeDNA certify or screen projects and affiliates? Should I consider their use of the FamilyTreeDNA lab an endorsement of the company by FamilyTreeDNA?

FamilyTreeDNA neither certifies nor endorses groups or organizations that choose to act as resellers of our DNA tests. While all group projects run through [...]