Family Finder – Family Matching Feature

The Family Finder – Family Matching feature allows you to view your confirmed maternal and paternal Family Finder matches at a glance and separately. This [...]

Autosomal Test (Family Finder)

Our autosomal test is known as Family Finder. This test is designed to find relatives on any of your ancestral lines within the last [...]

Do you have a test that will tell me what proportion of my ancestry comes from different ethnic groups and populations?

Yes. The Family Finder test includes the myOrigins tool. It finds the amount of ancestry DNA from different population groups.

How does the Family Finder test work?

The Family Finder test works by comparing your autosomal DNA to that of other people in our database who have taken the test. The [...]

Do I have Jewish ancestry based on my Family Finder and myOrigins results?

Judaism is a religion and not an attribute definable by a DNA mutation, but we can give you hints about having Jewish ancestry by [...]

I had my Family Finder results analyzed using a third party service. Why do the results differ from myOrigins?

If you use a third party tool, it is natural for there to be minor differences for the myOrigins results due to either different methodologies [...]