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Family Finder – Family Matching Feature

The Family Finder - Family Matching feature allows you to view your confirmed maternal and paternal Family Finder matches at a glance and separately. This feature assigns maternal or paternal icons to a customer’s Family Finder - Matches list based on phased matching [...]

Family Finder – Matches

Family Finder - Matches lists your autosomal DNA matches. The top section of the page allows you to filter your matches; the bottom section displays your Family Finder matches. If you wish to download your matches, use the CSV button or Excel button at [...]

Family Finder – Downloads

The Family Finder - Downloads page allows you to download files of your raw results and your Family Finder matches. Files in .CSV or .XML format can be opened using a spreadsheet program such as Excel. GZIP files can be extracted [...]

Autosomal Test (Family Finder)

Our autosomal test is known as Family Finder. This test is designed to find relatives on any of your ancestral lines within the last five generations. Family Finder uses autosomal DNA, which is the mixture of DNA you received from both [...]