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Y-DNA – Haplotree & SNPs

The Y-DNA - Haplotree displays your Y-DNA haplogroup information and branches, your home branch, and your Y-DNA SNP (pronounced as snip) results. To access your Y-DNA - Haplotree page: Sign in to your myFTDNA account. On the navigation bar at [...]

Why Should I Test Y-DNA SNPs?

A Y-DNA SNP test determines your Y-DNA haplogroup.  Knowing how you connect to other people on the Y-tree can help narrow geographical origins and can potentially confirm specific genealogical connections. We encourage you to test as many SNPs as possible for [...]

GAP – Member Subgrouping

You may utilize the Members Subgrouping tool to create, manage, and delete subgroups. You may also add and delete project members from subgroups. You can enter participants into one subgroup, and you can choose a background color that will [...]

Common Questions

You will find answers to our most common questions on this page.  Explore the rest of the Learning Center to find answers to more complicated issues by clicking the menu bar above. Before I Buy You may learn more [...]

Big Y Block Tree

The Big Y Block Tree is a vertical-block diagram of the Y-DNA Haplotree showing the relationships between you and other Big Y testers. This tool helps you visualize how the paternal lineages of you and your matches are related to [...]

Click a topic below to learn about your Y-DNA tools: Advanced Matches Ancestral Origins Haplogroup Origins Haplotree & SNPs Matches FTDNATiP™ Tool Matches Maps Migration Maps Standard Y-STR Values Click a topic below to learn more about Y-DNA: Big Y  FTDNATiP™ [...]

Chromosome Browser

The Chromosome Browser is a feature of our Family Finder autosomal DNA test. This tool allows you to view and compare the DNA segments that you share with your Family Finder matches. Click image for a closer look. [...]

Public Y-DNA Haplotree

Discover the countries of origin and surnames for each branch of the world’s largest Y-DNA Haplotree, comprised of more than 20,000 branches, 150,000 variants, and 170,000 confirmed SNPs from our Y-DNA database. Navigating the Public Y-DNA Haplotree To navigate [...]

FamilyTreeDNA Order Modifications & Refund Policy

FamilyTreeDNA is an online service. Therefore, all results provided by FamilyTreeDNA will only be available online and accessible via a computer or mobile device with internet capabilities. Results will not be mailed, and we will not issue refunds for tests [...]